Elk Velvet as a Nutritional Food Supplement

Reported Health Benefits

For centuries people from China, Korea and Japan have reported amazing health benefits with the use of Elk Velvet:

  • Increased mental and physical energy, while promoting a regular sleep cycle.
  • Anti-aging effects, including reduced symptoms associated with senility.
  • Enhanced strength and stamina. Research indicates that elk velvet contains both muscular and nerve strengthening properties.
  • Control of pain and swelling from arthritis, injury and exercise.
  • Strengthened immune system, as well as reduced allergy symptoms.
  • Boost hormonal activity, estrogen, red blood cells, including increased testosterone levels helping to combat impotence and other sexual disorders.
  • Protection against stress, and promotes positive mood.
  • Blood pressure stabilizer.
  • Anti-inflammatory, helps varicose veins, controls migraine headaches.
  • Controlled PMS and menopause symptoms.
  • Stimulation of growth cells.
  • Recovery from traumatic injury. Faster healing of wounds and cuts.
  • Decreased cholesterol levels.
  • Increased heart stroke volume and strengthens weak heart beat.
  • Reduced arthritic pain and rheumatism.